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GPG has always been a bit of a double-edged sword. It's fantastic in terms of security, reliability and ubiquity, sure. But it's never been particularly easy to use and finding the correct key for a person is not very reliable. Once you get used to the CLI it's not bad, Read More

Cleaning up Docker's mess

If you've been running Docker for any length of time, particularly on machines that don't have multi-terabyte hard drives, you will be aware that it is terrible at house keeping. There are a few quick and (in most cases) safe ways to clean house. Remove exited containers docker rm -v Read More

The benefits of Docker for CLI tools

So I've been using docker for a couple years now and still finding new ways to use it (as well as new bugs). Recently I've been finding two use cases in particular that are very useful, and hard to replicate with any existing tools. Firstly there is the ability to Read More

New blog

I've decided that I should start a blog again. I had one once upon a time, but it is long gone now. I just need somewhere to write down the little things I learn sometimes, or that I find an answer to after spending way too long reading google/stackoverflow/ Read More