Gnome sleep behaviour

By default Gnome lets you set a period of inactivity after which the system should suspend/hibernate/etc. This is fine for a desktop where you're actively using it, but I also use Gnome on my media center where this is less than ideal. The use case I have is Read More

Find and when to not use globbing

All the time I see people trying to handle large numbers of files in the shell, and any of you that have tried this before would know that it is not pretty. Try doing an ls * in a folder with a few hundred thousand files and you'll be lucky to Read More


You know what? Bash is awesome. A lot of people underestimate it and often dismiss it as 'not a real programming language'. But the reality is far different. It may not be as performant as C or as pretty as Python, but it certainly has its place, particularly as a Read More

Thoughts on

GPG has always been a bit of a double-edged sword. It's fantastic in terms of security, reliability and ubiquity, sure. But it's never been particularly easy to use and finding the correct key for a person is not very reliable. Once you get used to the CLI it's not bad, Read More

Cleaning up Docker's mess

If you've been running Docker for any length of time, particularly on machines that don't have multi-terabyte hard drives, you will be aware that it is terrible at house keeping. There are a few quick and (in most cases) safe ways to clean house. Remove exited containers docker rm -v Read More