Checking remote SSL certificates

Getting a remote SSL certificate from a server with openssl is pretty straightforward, it looks something like this: openssl s_client -showcerts -connect If you run that it will however hang until the connection closes since it recieved no EOF from your client, so adding a Read More

IoT deployments and

I started using recently for a few small projects and love the idea of using docker as a deployment method. It lets you define your application and requirements quite nicely and in a relatively standardized way at that. But currently where it falls a little short is the Read More


GNU Parallel is a fantastic utility, and I've been using more and more of it recently. Often I end up with something that will be a one off task, write a quick 4-5 line bash script to do what I want and that's done. But sometimes there is a slow Read More

Gnome sleep behaviour

By default Gnome lets you set a period of inactivity after which the system should suspend/hibernate/etc. This is fine for a desktop where you're actively using it, but I also use Gnome on my media center where this is less than ideal. The use case I have is Read More

Find and when to not use globbing

All the time I see people trying to handle large numbers of files in the shell, and any of you that have tried this before would know that it is not pretty. Try doing an ls * in a folder with a few hundred thousand files and you'll be lucky to Read More